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In order to assist farmers and start-ups Hemp Farm Colorado offers over the phone consulting for $195 per hour and in some cases on site consultations.  If you are considering getting into the industrial hemp industry Mike can answer many of your questions and connect you with other industry experts. 

Mike Sulllivan has been growing industrial hemp since it became legal in 2014 and is a wealth of information.  He has grown grain & fiber hemp as well as greenhouse & irrigated high CBD and seed stock.  His real world experience with everything from soil samples to marketing can give your operation a competitive advantage.


To book a consultation click here.




Public Speaking 

To help inform the general public, farmers, educational institutions, ag business professionals, economic development corporations and policy makers Hemp Farm Colorado offers public speaking engagements.  Bethleen can offer a customized presentation for your conference ranging from agronomic requirements of industrial hemp to market data.  

Bethleen McCall is a fifth generation ag producer from Northeastern Colorado.  Her professional background is in natural resource management & government.  She is the President of the Colorado Hemp Industries Association, a city councilwoman, founder of the Colorado Agriculture Preservation Association and serves on the Yuma County Water Authority & Economic Development Corporation boards.

To inquire about booking a speaking engagement email us by clicking here. 

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