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Cannabis Germination

THCa hemp seedling sprouting

THCa hemp veg plants forming canopy

Thca plants in vegetative stage forming a canopy in greenhouse #2.

Beautiful Day

View of clouds through the cannabis field canopy

THCa buds

Trimmed THCa Flower Buds. Ready to smoke!

Greenhouse harvest

Mike harvesting high THCa cannabis plants

Bethleen with our big, happy plants under center pivot irrigation

Bethleen with our big, happy plants under center pivot irrigation

Starting to grow

THCa plants in veg

LED lit greenhouse

Green House #1 lit up with LED grow lights for veg stage.

THCa plants in Veg

THCa plants in Veg

Packaged Hemp Hearts

Our hemp hearts are ready for the store, a great source of protein!

Hemp Growing in felt pots

THCa Hemp plants growing in 10 gallon felt pots in greenhouse #2

Now Offering CBD Oil

Revive CBD soft gels made from Hemp Farm Colorado's own high CBD hemp

Grain harvest

Mike raking the hemp grain crop before processing in 2015

Harvest Time

Hemp stocks being baled.

80 acre hemp field

Our hemp grain & fiber field back in 2016

Feminized CBD Seed

1 pound of feminized high CBD hemp seed ready for sale

Growing cannabis plants

High THCa cannabis in the greenhouse reaching canopy

Grain cart delivery

Hemp grain is being transferred into the trailer.

Pheno Hunting

A beautiful pink phenotype of cannabis we grew when working to develop a new variety

Tall hemp

Mike jumping to reach to top of the Colorado Gold grain & fiber hemp variety

Hemp bales stored indoors

Hemp fiber bailed & ready to be turned into bi-composites.

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