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Hemp Farm Colorado offers traditional & feminized high CBD industrial hemp seed for small or large scale production.

We are a registered seed sellers & licensed seed labelers.


Cherry Hybrid

Premium CBD seed bred and grown in Colorado for multiple years. Approved and grown in over a dozen states in 2019 with no known  "hot fields"

Large robust growing bushes that will naturally top itself into 20+ resinous tops. Expect plants 4-6 ft. tall and 3-5 ft. wide.


  • Up to 18% CBD 

  • Germination rate of 82%

  • 75/25 female to male ratio

  • Recommended planting of 1,750 - 2,175 seeds per acre.

  • Finishes late Sept/early Oct.

  • Minimum order 1 ounce

  • $700 per ounce (approx. 1,875 seeds, 37 cents per seed, plants 1 acre at 5 ft. spacing)

  • $5,000 per half pound (approx. 15,000 seeds, 33 cents per seed, plants 8 acres at 5 ft. spacing)

  • $8,500 per pound (approx. 30,000 seeds, 28 cents per seed, plants 16 acres)


Boax Hybrid

  • Up to 14% CBD 

  • Germination rate of 84%

  • 50/50 female to male ratio

  • Finishes late Sept./early Oct.

  • Minimum order of 1 ounce

  • $350 per 1 ounce (approx. 1,625 seeds, 21.5 cents per seed)

  • $2,600 per half pound (approx. 13,000 seeds, 20 cents per seed)

  • $5,000 per pound (approx. 26,000 seeds, 19 cents per seed)


To order a pound or more please give us a call at 970-690-5430 or email to initiate the process.


No guarantees given or implied. The cannabinoid content is dependent on grower practices & environmental conditions. Testing to ensure you fall within proper levels is recommended to begin four weeks into the flowering period. All sales are final. Happy growing!

High CBD Hemp Seed