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The fantastic effects of HHC extract can enhance the benefits of the hemp strains, making your experience highly pleasant. These 2 gram HHC Dabs By Dank Lite can be a quick and easy way to enjoy HHC extract.

Phantom OG Indica will relax your body and bring a sense of peace to your mind. It has a rich blend of lemony-pine flavors with subtle menthol notes. 

Orange Creamsicle Hybrid can help you keep your mood happy, and your body energized. It has a super soft and creamy vanilla flavor with citrus notes. Orange Creamsicle is an insanely delicious strain made by crossbreeding Juicy Fruit with Orange Crush.

Tropicana Cookies Sativa delivers a sour-spicey and earthy-pine flavor alongside zesty orange overtones. This fantastic Sativa strain features energizing effects that can enhance your focus and motivation.

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Dank Lite HHC 2 gram Dabs

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