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Oreoz S1 displays all the elite qualities of the original Oreoz strain. These feminized seeds offer remarkable bag appeal, heavy-duty potency, and sweet flavors of chocolate, vanilla, and cookie dough.


This hybrid cultivar, a union of Cookies N Cream and Secret Weapon, is renowned for its sweet, creamy terpene profile, impressive effects, and significant resin production. Embrace the allure of the Oreoz S1 seeds, embodying all the outstanding attributes of this elite strain.


Oreoz Strain: A Comprehensive Review

Let’s delve deeper into the characteristics that make Oreoz S1 an exceptionally potent Indica-dominant strain:

  • THC levels: The Oreoz strain is capable of producing up to 33 percent THC.
  • Effects: Its long-lasting cerebral high elevates the mood and calms the mind. A soothing stone descends over the body once the initial high fades, relieving tension and pain. This strain’s relaxing impact is excellent for winding down after a long day.
  • Aroma and Flavor: Oreoz S1 is highly esteemed for its delicious aroma and flavor. It offers a sugary sweet terpene profile that smells of vanillachocolatemarshmallow, and cookie dough, accompanied by hints of gasoline. Some users liken the scent to that of s’mores.

Growth Traits of Oreoz Strain

Oreoz S1 can adapt to various environments, flourishing both indoors and outdoors. However, it performs optimally in a warm climate with abundant lighting and moderate humidity. Here’s what else you need to know:

  • Resilience: The plants exhibit excellent resistance to pests and diseases and are not susceptible to fungal infections.
  • Plant training techniques: They respond well to plant training techniques such as topping and super cropping.
  • Feeding: This strain isn’t a particularly heavy feeder and thrives when provided with moderate nutrients.
  • Yields and flowering: Expect above-average yields of top-quality buds within eight to nine weeks.

Most Oreoz S1 plants are of average height, showcasing emerald-green, sharply serrated leaves, and large, frosty colas. The buds are dense, adorned with bright-orange pistils and a thick layer of ivory trichomes. Exposed to cool temperatures, the leaves and flowers display remarkable blackred, and purple hues.


Oreoz S1 Feminized Seed

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