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Industrial hemp is now legal to grow in a number of states across the U.S.  Each state has a unique set of regulations that govern its growth and distribution.

Industrial hemp is an important addition to the U.S. economy. Currently, it is imported from several countries and is thought to be used in approximately 25,000 products. With its many diverse uses, cultivating hemp in the U.S.  would lead to lower prices for consumers and higher demand, creating a prosperous marketplace for the product, and also creating many jobs.
Hemp is not marijuana, it's an efficient and useful agricultural commodity and should be regulated like one.

Hemp is typically grown for the seed, flower and stock. 

Hemp is a great crop to incorporate into your crop rotation since you can use traditional machinery to plant and harvest. It may also be a good fit if you have a limited irrigation resources.

At Hemp Farm Colorado we believe that industrial hemp has the power to help revitalize the economy by creating small scale processing facilities and local jobs in rural communities throughout America.  

If you have additional questions you might consider a consultation.  For more information on on our consultation program click here.

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